Easter Holiday Recap

After I took some time off - call it digital detox - I'm now back with new ideas in mind. Today's post is an appreciation of the very lovely time I spent in Carinthia amongst my family and (long lost) friends. Though I sometimes find it hard to cope with all the colliding appointments, I enjoy seeing my loved ones and try to spend as much time as possible meeting them - I get enough me-time back in Vienna anyway. So, here's a little holiday throwback to show you how I spent the days around Easter. My highlights were definitely family gatherings, the precious time I got to enjoy with my beloved little brother (I'm melting away whenever I'm somewhere near him!), amazing food (too much, though) and my emotional singing gig at a christening that left people teary. Enjoy my recap full of food pics, the four-year-old angel face and some of the gorgeous presents I received. Oh precious time! How have your holidays been? Are you such a foodie like me?

Love, Julie.


  1. Voll schöne Eindrücke!
    Ich mag solche Beiträge! :)
    Lara - www.kleiderkraenzchen.com

  2. dein bruder ist ja süß! hast du das alles geschenk bekommen!? das ist wahnsinnig viel für ostern. so viel bekomm ich nur weihnachten! :D bei uns wird das eher klein gehalten. die karten "weißt du eigentlich..." finde ich besonders toll! :) lg


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