Floral Top and Maxi Skirt

As the sweet summertime is back in Vienna, clothes usually get lighter and shorter. My first really summerly outfit this May was slightly different, though. I paired my green floral top with a sheer maxi skirt and loved how the fine fabric was dancing round my ankles with every wind gust there was. My favourite detail pretty much is the collar of the flowery bright top and I was kinda fond of the repeating studs of my MK bag and sandals, too. 

Love, Julie.

Top, Skirt: Forever 21, Sandals: Esprit, Bag: Michael Kors


Jessica 'In Bloom' Polishes {Graphic pastel manicure}

I am a huge fan of Jessica nail polishes which is why I was delighted to try my favourite colours of their new 'In Bloom' collection. It consists of six summer colours from pastel to bright electric shades. The charming names of my picks are 885 Enchanting (blue), 889 Whispering (mint) and 890 Loving (pink),  the full collection can be viewed here. I especially love the brand for the high quality of their products - the manicure always comes easy (due to good brush size) and is long lasting. 

This time round, I experimented a little with the several colours and created a super-easy graphic nail art. All you need for assistance is sticky tape; just adhere it to your nails in the preferred angle/size of the triangle and apply the second colour. Wait about a minute until the polish starts to dry but is still wet and take the tape off. Et voilá! Use a topcoat of your favour and enjoy the result for a couple of days.

Love, Julie.


Bridal Shower Decoration

If you're regularly reading my friend Katii's blog 'Süchtig nach..', you'll probably know she's gonna be married in less than one month. Oh wow, time really does fly - right, Kat? ;) To honour the bride-to-be and celebrate her being off the market so soon, we threw her a 'Gossip Girl'-themed bachelorette party. As it really was a success, you'll most likely be reading more about what we did on Katii's blog - she for sure won't spare you the details. My part on that special evening was to organize the decoration and cater for the guest's sweet cravings aka bake cupcakes. The recipe I used was published here a couple of weeks ago. I tried to keep the decor simple, as a too cluttered table only gets in the way of communicating, yet wanted it to turn out slightly glamorous to match the GG theme. I ended up using homemade pom poms, balloons, lace, some bling and a colour palette including gold, white, tiffany blue/mint, and a hint of pale pink and decided to show you the result in order to maybe inspire you for the upcoming wedding season. 

Love, Julie.


Thrifted Escada & turquoise accessories

Last weekend was truly well-spent and full of sunlight. On days like these I usually forget about how windy my city can be - but this time I somehow managed to dress appropriately, which meant long sleeves, jeggings, sneakers and a scarf. So here's my approach to a laid-back outfit for a Sunday stroll on a sunny yet chilly spring day. It was the first time wearing my thrifted Escada Blazer and I felt like pairing the classy dark basics with my turquoise Italian 'souvenirs' and leopard sneakers. Yolo, huh? :D

Love, Julie.

Blazer: Vintage Escada, Shirt: Zara, Jeggings: H&M, Scarf, Bag: Italy, Sneakers: Deichmann, 
Rings: Urban Outfitters, Bershka, H&M