Thrifted Escada & turquoise accessories

Last weekend was truly well-spent and full of sunlight. On days like these I usually forget about how windy my city can be - but this time I somehow managed to dress appropriately, which meant long sleeves, jeggings, sneakers and a scarf. So here's my approach to a laid-back outfit for a Sunday stroll on a sunny yet chilly spring day. It was the first time wearing my thrifted Escada Blazer and I felt like pairing the classy dark basics with my turquoise Italian 'souvenirs' and leopard sneakers. Yolo, huh? :D

Love, Julie.

Blazer: Vintage Escada, Shirt: Zara, Jeggings: H&M, Scarf, Bag: Italy, Sneakers: Deichmann, 
Rings: Urban Outfitters, Bershka, H&M


  1. sooooo eine coole tasche! :)
    ich hab heut nacht übrigens von dir geträumt- warum auch immer haha :D
    alles liebe,


  2. soooo schön, gefällt mir unglaublich gut :)

  3. Great collection with the best venue. how you have selected it. makeup, accessories


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