Tchibo Summer Collection 2014 {My Highlights}

A little while ago I was at the Tchibo Summer Collection presentation at a lovely decorated hotel in Vienna's first district. My favourite pieces - though I pretty much liked most displayed items - are featured in this post. I'm completely in love with the beautiful jewelry, the minty pieces are a great eye catcher for summerly looks and I'm already a fan of the Tchibo techniques, so the tiny green speaker I got as pr sample (thanks for that!) is currently one of my fave summer must haves for outdoor sessions. Get inspired and visit one of your nearby stores for some kinda great picks!

Love, Julie.


Friday Fancies {'Frauenlauf' Edition}

I might be the least sportive person I know. Therefore, it was quite surprising for me to join the 5k DM Austrian Women's Run (Frauenlauf) two weeks ago. My participation was sponsored by DM and I thought to myself 'Why not? When was the last time I did something for the first time?'. So, I was in. Considering that I only attempted to go for a run aka walk twice before the 'big day', all I wished for was reaching the finish line alive and without medical help. Haha. While running, I literally felt like I was dying - never before had a kilometer appeared to be SO long - and I constantly thought that my facial expression might as well be THE face of pain. Nonetheless, I stuck to my inner voice which told me to never stop and never ever give up..  and finally made it. What a relief! Not only did I finish without stopping/walking, my result wasn't too bad either (something between 30 and 40 min.). I'm proud of myself. I'm a winner, no matter what.

The items pictured above are my favourites of the goodie bag and my finishing medal. 1.) A Wilkinson Sword lady shaver, 2.) the limited edition Balea lime and aloe vera shower creme which has such a fresh and lovely scent, 3.) a Sebamed wellness shower gel travel size and 4.) a Scholl anti-calosity intensive care. 

Thanks to DM for that one of a kind experience.

Love, Julie.