City Hippie

Every once in a while - or, honestly, quite often - I feel a little hippie-esque. My dresscode is clearly oriented on my inner boho vibes and a couple of days ago, I chose to wear my new lacy H&M tunic, denim shorts and wedges for a city stroll. When buying the tunic, I had a great festival summer in mind, but apparently tragically my friends are the loveliest but either most boring or completely booked and simply won't accompany me to any. Maybe next year - hope dies last..

Love, Julie.

 Tunic, Shorts: H&M, Wedges: Pimkie, Necklace: Primark, Ring: Forever21


Top or Flop? {Emptied Beauty Products #June}

I've been thinking about starting these kinda posts for a long time and have been very uncertain about publishing this one. I'm talking about the rather common 'emptied' ('aufgebraucht' in German) blog series, where bloggers collect their beauty waste throughout a month and publish their opinions on the used products shortly after. Though sharing the inside of my bin didn't seem too appealing to me, I came to the conclusion that this might be the most honest way of reviewing beauty products. I usually enjoy reading these sort of articles and keep the highly rated brands in mind when shopping at a drugstore. Please tell me, if you'd like this to be the beginning of a new monthly 'emptied' series with my 'top or flop?' products of the month - I'd appreciate your constructive feedback!

Oh, and for those of you who wondered about the amount of waste.. this is what a two girls-household (stereo)typically produces in four weeks ;)

Love, Julie.

1.) Lavera BIO Rose Garden Shower Gel: Flop. I did not like the smell too much - it reminded me of a particular medication I used to take as a kid. I usually like the brand, though.
2.) Kneipp 'Rückenwohl' Bath Oil: Top. Gotta love all of the Kneipp bath essences.
3.) essence Soft Touch Mousse Make Up '01 beige': Top. Apparently, my teint is beige. This is my go-to make up and really good for the cheap price of about 4€.
4.) essence Pure Skin Anti-Spot Compact Powder: Top. Same résumé as written above.
5.) Gillette Venus Satin Care 'Lavender' Shaving Gel: Top. My favourite shaving gel for sensitive skin.
6.) Gillette Venus Pro Skin Razor Blade: Top. I have been using that brand for years now and am staying loyal ;)
7.) Schwarzkopf BC Scalp Therapy Sensitive Soothe Shampoo: Top. I loved the smell of this product, but am not too euphoric  about the scalp soothing effect. Still a good shampoo.
8.) Balea Eye Make Up Remover: Flop. It could not handle waterproof make up, which made the cleaning process a little exhausting^^
9.) Weleda 'Pomegranate' Regenerative Hand Cream: Top. A really nice product with a natural scent and biological ingredients.
10.) Nivea Refreshing Facial Wash Gel 'Normal Skin'*: Top. This product worked perfectly for my skin type and left a very clean feeling behind. I recently discovered that it contains micro plastic particles, though, which is why I probably won't buy it again. I try to use products that are at least partly sustainable/ eco-friendly.
11.) Scalpisil Lotion For Sensitive/ Itchy Scalp: Top. That cosmetic product has also a medical effect and really feels so good when you occasionally suffer from an itchy scalp. After applying, your scalp feels rather tingly and pretty much like an 'Airwaves' chewing gum feels in your mouth ;) 
12.) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Miraculous Recovery Intensive Hair Mask: Top!! My favourite hair mask so far. It has the most amazing smell and really softens your hair.
13.) Nivea Fresh Natural Deodorant (0% Aluminum)*: Top. Smells kinda like the famous Nivea Cream and is very discreet. I totally liked it.
14.) Sebamed Sensitive Deodorant (0% Aluminum)*: Top. A very fresh and slightly masculine scent. I liked it equally as the one before.
15.) Borotalco Deodorant (0% Aluminum)*: Flop. This was in the goodie bag of the 5k Women's Run and I wouldn't have bought it on my own. The "unique" smell is SO not my taste. Way too heavy and artificial - slightly like an old women's perfume, just more intense.
16.) Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Liquid Silk Express Hair Repair Spray: Top. One of my favourite haircare products ever. Makes my hair so smooth and easy to comb.
17.) Balea Shower & Cream 'Lime & Aloe Vera'*: Top. A very refreshing, summerly shower cream. Perfect for showers after your workouts.

*PR samples; do not at all influence my reviews and aren't linked to any conditions.