First time at the "Wiener Wiesn Fest" & a Dirndl Outfit

My first experience at the "Wiener Wiesn Fest"- a way smaller but similar event like the Bavarian "Oktoberfest" aka "Wiesn" - was a little ambivalent. My thoughts and behaviour went from 'what a bunch of patriotic, drunk maniacs' to dancing on benches and ridiculously ecstatically singing along German Schlager music. Sometimes it takes a drink or two for me to adapt to an unfamiliar environment.. as long as you're in good company and are able to block out the hundreds of brawling people, even the most awkward festivity can be loads of fun,  right? So, after a little while I was comfortable with the millions of toasts and German songs and even 'overheard' the sexist jokes going on on stage and when the band - totally out of the blue - started playing the Four Non Blondes classic 'What's Up?', the 'Wiesn' won me over. Wearing a 'dirndl' feels like a costume to me and therefore is loads of fun - once a year, I can now imagine myself dancing on tables, swinging my hips to lousy songs, drinking wine out of huuuge glasses (yay!) and twirling in my oh so traditional dress. (For styling the 'dirndl' the rock chick way, click here.)

Love, Julie.

 Dirndl: Landhaus, Loafers: Zara, Ring: Swarovski


Birthday Wishlist

Only recently have I started to count down the days to my 22nd birthday - which, btw, is only ten days away - and it's probably the first time ever that I didn't freak out about this 'special' day eight months in advance. I like being 21. That adult yet very young (almost teeny) age is fun and I'm not ready to grow older yet as it feels as though this would add more pressure on me with each year going by in my twenties. But enough drama for now, cause' seriously - there can't possibly be a difference in my behavior, attitude or emotional balance from one week to another, just by being a few days older, huh?

While the presents for my annual christmas charity are almost ready to be wrapped up and go on their journey to make poor kids' xmas eves a little brighter, I had problems getting my mind around creating a wish list for my own birthday. Moving was is tough and despite some serious immaterial occasions on my inner wish list, all I really long for is a kitten. A furry little friend would be so adorable but unfortunately the chances of being allowed one in my own flat equal zero. I now did my best in choosing material items I would also love to get my hands on, with most of them being home stuff, books, music and some booze. My cluttered polyvore collage might make me appear like a spoilt brat or insanely indecisive.. but you know the term 'dream big', right? ;)

Love, Julia.

Birthday Wishlist {Julia's 22nd}

1.) Kringle Candle 'Pumpkin Frosting'
2.) Kringle Candle 'Baker's Vanilla'
3.) Ikea bedding 'Emmie Ruta'
4.) Forever 21 faux-fur coat (size M)
5.) Madame Stoltz magazine rack via bertine.de
6.) Book 'Not that kind of girl' by Lena Dunham
7.) Book 'Generation Maybe' by Oliver Jeges
8.) Kringle Candle 'Mulling Spices'
9.) LP 'Pure Heroine' by Lorde
10.) LP 'If you wait' by London Grammar
11.) H&M Home glass jug
12.) A KITTEN!!!!!!! - always dreamt of having a pet.. 
13.) Ikea bedding 'Tuvbräcka'
14.) H&M Home tea pot
15.) Dawanda print
16.) Crystal Head skull vodka
17.) Dawanda print
18.) Book 'bestenfalls alles' by Tania Witte