{1st Advent} My Boho DIY Advent Wreath

Have yourself a merry.. first advent Sunday! I love christmas time - always have, always will. I usually get in a quite festive mood while decorating my flat, especially when it comes to burning down countless candles. So, obviously, making my own advent wreath is something I like to celebrate by drinking mulled wine - or, wine in any form, frankly - and either listening to christmas classics or watching the first christmas movie of the year. This time, my dear friend N. joined me and yes, both, wine and movies, were included. Instead of going for the glittery, very pink and very kitschy version (like last year -> click here!), the decor of this year's wreath spontaneously turned out a tad hippiesque. How do you like my 'boho' advent piece?

Last but NOT least: the last picture, if you scroll down to the end, is kind of an invitation for you to take advantage of the Austrian Blogger Advent Calendar! From tomorrow till' the 24th, there'll be two different bloggers each day sharing christmassy posts and amazing giveaways with y'all! It's gonna be my turn soon - on Tuesday, the 2nd. Stay tuned!!

Love, Julie.

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Tchibo Christmas Event & My Favourite Pieces

Uh oh, it's getting pretty festive over here! I'm kicking off the christmas countdown with the Tchibo xmas collection presentation I attended a couple of weeks ago and am finally allowed to show you! As always, I'm just emphasizing on my favourite pieces - be sure to check out the homepage if you're into some products, instead of relying on your nearby shop - there's loads of pretty stuff online you won't find in stores. Some pieces might make perfect christmas pressies! I am still so in love with the apartment pictured below and am constantly swooning over the adorable interior and decoration. Sigh.

Love, Julie.


Blue Fedora & Houndstooth Scarf {Fall Look}

My loves, Autumn is such an easy and inspiring fashion season for me - which, for many reasons, makes me utterly happy. And though I'm looking forward to the upcoming winter time, dressing-wise it's getting harder, especially when considering outfit shoots in quite acceptable lighting.. 
Today's casual look combines some of my beloved basics and an all-time favourite pattern - houndstooth. That Zara scarf is from last season and SO comfy due to its blanket-size ;) The blue fedora is kinda like a 'steal deal' and borrowed from T.'s wardrobe. It is the key piece of my casual fall look and completed by the heavy statement necklace.

Love, Julie.

Fedora: H&M, Bag: Michael Kors, Boots: MaxShoes, 
Necklace: Primark, Rest: Zara


Culinary Vienna: Gerstner's Landhaus {Traditional Cuisine}

As I am an  a b s o l u t e  foodie and SO in love with Vienna, what could be more obvious than starting a new category on the blog, called 'Culinary Vienna'? From now on, I'll show you my favourite restaurants and cafés in town, for you can always trust a local, right? Today's place is a fancy yet very down-to-earth restaurant in the 19th district - Gerstner's Landhaus. I was invited two weeks ago to try their 'November Special', traditional Austrian 'Gansl' (roast goose) and baked apple. Though I first didn't want to attend the dinner because of my veggie-being, they kindly offered me a vegetarian alternative, which was super nice and - what I discovered later - very delicious. The uber friendly waiters, the countless rooms in numerous different styles (there's some serious interior game going on!) and the yummy food made me feel so welcome and comfortable, that I decided to directly kick off my new blog series with that charming location.
For the address, map, phone number for reservations (especially for their Sunday brunch and 'Gansl' dinner!) and further details, click here. I can also imagine this enchanted place to be an amazing event (wedding) location.. I mean, look at these golden chairs and the fairy lights outside. Swoon.

Love, Julie.

*Thank you for having me! It's been great.