Wild Child: The Leopard Dress

As the days get shorter, the air is crisp and festive decoration is starting to occupy all the shops, homes and streets, I wanted to quickly look back on a sunny weekend spent at the 'Prater' with dear friends, cotton candy and my leopard outfit at the end of October. I love Vienna's picturesque fall views and I might be a little too obsessed with that certain animal print, but some days just call for the naughty, polarizing safari look. The leopard dress is a Forever21 sale bargain and I only got it a few days before these photos were taken.
Showing too much skin in heels and animal print can be very daring and look cheap and slutty if not styled down a bit, which is why I don't really see myself wearing the dress in the summer heat but rather in autumn, when the colours so perfectly complement the golden scenery. I surely don't wanna be someone to judge, I simply felt more confident going for the casual style option.
How do you feel about leopard prints in general? 

Love, Julie.

Dress, Boots: Forever21, Cardigan: H&M, Tights: Bipa,
Sunnies*: Tchibo, Bracelet*: MyStylehit


  1. Totaaaal liebe Fotos.. ich vermiss den Prater schon so sehr.. und dich natürlich auch <3

    Alles Liebe, Katii


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