[P]interesting Inspiration for 2 0 1 5 & Conclusing Words on 2014

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The past year sometimes has been harsh on me, when, on the other hand, there were pretty fabulous moments as well. Looking back, the best days and nights have been those spent with my besties! There's nothing I love more than (spontaneous) gatherings and connecting with my loved ones, no matter if that means game nights, drunken conversations or the simple pleasure of knowing exactly who you can always rely on. To my babes - I love you dearly! You know who you are.

Also, having a little brother is amazing. N. has flooded my heart with so much love it actually almost hurt and made me laugh when all I felt like was crying. You are admired so much!

Families in general are great and surely something to be thankful for. If you happen to have a large number of extended family members who are pretty close - like me - things can get a little crazy from time to time, though. Whenever problems seem to take over, it can quickly get quite demanding and stressful. In 2014, I tried to get better in distancing myself from people that try to make their problems my problems, without ever working on themselves or asking how I feel. I wonder if I'll ever get there, as you can't just decide to break the cycle from one day to another.

This past year also made me - us - do much better in the ever challenging game of love. It will all make sense someday, I guess. In the meantime, let's just enjoy the 'ups' and learn from the 'downs' of this roller coaster ride. And make out.

2 0 1 5

For the new year, I have very few wishes and even those are in other peoples' favors. I have finally come to a point, where I'm aware of me being in charge of my life and the actions and decisions that need to be made in order to succeed. All I hope for is progress - and the strength I need to grow through my struggles. 

May this year be filled with fun adventures, road trips, live music, nights that turn into mornings and a whole lot of spontaneity. May we all  l i v e  instead of just existing. May we all seek to make ourselves proud instead of pleasing everyone else or striving for perfection.

Love, Julie.

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  1. Sooo ein toller Text, ich würd so gern öfters von dir lesen! :)
    xoxo, carina


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