Kissa Tea Launch {Big Matcha Love!}

Good news for all tea lovers (including me): this week, Kissa Tea has launched a beautifully looking and amazingly delicious range of premium biological (powdered) matcha, rooibos and black teas. Being at the event, I literally tried all different varieties of matcha tea, from the classic latte to matcha flavoured food and even cocktails, as well as the other tea specialities presented. I love that brand! I especially have been head over heels with the intense and awesome taste of Kissa matchas and the powdered earl grey tea (innovation!) I got to try. The focus of Kissa might be on the 30g tea boxes that are available online and at selected Viennese shops for about 16€. For you should not use more than 1g per serving, one box usually lasts a month. Compared to Starbucks (matcha) prices, that is beyond reasonable.. ;) And no, I'm not being paid for swooning over these products.

For further information and detailed recipes, check out www.kissatea.com. Are you a matcha fan or not so keen on the green super food (drink)?

Love, Julie.

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