{Manicure} Basic Colours: New In

Out of all the countless nail polishes I possess, there are just about a handful of colours being constantly used. Some shades are timeless and go with everything, clothing-wise. A while ago, I received packages of Jessica and Guerlain, providing me with the companies' latest additions to their colour ranges. After I had tried out all the newbies, I picked out my favourites to show you, which colours are a go-to choice of mine. The golden varnishes turned out to be my Christmas manicure - pretty sparkly! - and the army green shade is probably my number one, all-together. 


845 Girls Night Out
895 Soho In Love
896 Mad For Madison
899 Meet At The Plaza


400 Coque D'Or
901 L'Oiseau De Feu

What are your manicure preferences?

Love, Julie.

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  1. Ich trag ja am liebsten entweder Nude- und Brauntöne, oder aber Rottöne. Im Frühling kommt auch hin und wieder knalligeres auf die Nägel :) Deinen grünen Lack von Jessica find ich auch super schön!
    xox Carina
    the golden avenue


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