Easter Coffee Table Setting

The Easter holidays are quite important for me, as there's a long tradition and some pretty happy memories attached to these festivities. In Carinthia, where I come from, we do celebrate Easter big way! My relatives are not religious, yet the enormous amount of food and traditional specialities ('Reindling', 'Osterjause'..) are a welcome invitation to feast all weekend long. Add some presents, chocolate and your loved ones - et voilá, it doesn't get much better than this. 

When joining the Easter Blog Parade, I did want to create a festive but laid-back table setting. Since I wanna inspire you, I wanted to show you a way of decorating your table for a coffee date or Easter brunch - traditional table settings by grannies and other family members mostly end up overloaded by food, so here's my discreet turn ;)

For further Easter inspo, tips and pictures, check out my fellow blogger colleagues. It's also today's turn over at Katii's and Lina's blogs!

Have a fun and joyful weekend ahead! 
Love, Julie.


  1. Easter Coffee Table Setting is also an art. Appreciable. We love Holidays

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