change. {Words & Photography}

I can't think of a word that holds as much power, has a bigger impact on peoples' lives, than the following: change. A few letters, which in reality, can flip your world around by taking the smallest step in a new direction, by choosing a different road or walking out of a door. Though change is inevitable in this crazy ride we call a life, most of us are afraid to face new situations, fresh starts or an uncertain future. Though there might be much better things ahead than the ones we leave behind, it scares the hell out of us, truly. Maybe it's the fear of losing something or someone we once thought would be everlasting, maybe it's the lack of comfort when we jump without knowing where this free fall will end and the idea of stepping out of our familiar environment, that holds us back. Perhaps we fear that moments and the people we share(d) these with become memories before our faces. Yes, it might hurt. The pain and suffering of letting go or turning pages might feel too much of a burden to see the benefit of stepping ahead. However, no one has ever grown into the person they need to become by staying in the same place where their story once started. Just like in fall, when the air gets crisp and the leaves are changing colours, there are times in life, when you might not know where you're going, but you feel like you are on your way. Leaving, letting go, falling down, chilled to your bone. And maybe you're already gone with the wind, but waiting for it all to make sense. Maybe this is when you gotta trust the magic of beginnings and let yourself slowly recover from the fading feeling of darkness, ambiguity and winter's cold. Perhaps, just like nature needs to die a little to come back even more beautiful in its everlasting circle of change, you will bloom like flowers in spring. Though we might not know where we're going, we are already on our way.

Love, Julie.


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